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PureBeam Music: Music Clips

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WGLT podcast with Ron Hart

(Ron Hart & Gary Fitzgerald)
April 4, 2012
WGLT Jazz Next podcast

April in Paris

Hit the Road, Jack "April in Paris" CD

(Ron Hart & Gary Fitzgerald)
October 20, 2011

April in Paris "April in Paris" CD

Blues for Dr. Barcus "April in Paris" CD

Angel Eyes "April in Paris" CD

Night and Day "April in Paris" CD

Sidney's Soliloquy "April in Paris" CD

Unshakeable Love "April in Paris" CD

My Romance "April in Paris" CD

The Sandbox "April in Paris" CD

From the Heart "April in Paris" CD

Middle East Solution "April in Paris" CD

The Light Beyond the Atoms

Baba Anand (Bliss) "The Light Beyond the Atoms" CD

Train is a'Comin' (Perseverance) "The Light Beyond the Atoms" CD

(Ron Hart)
April 18, 2008
music and arrangement: Ron Hart (based on the Traditional African-American Spiritual)

Simplicity's White Robe (Purity) "The Light Beyond the Atoms" CD

Daya (Compassion) "The Light Beyond the Atoms" CD